2020 OMEA PDC Performing Ensembles

Ensembles interested in appearing at the 2020 OMEA Professional Development Conference should submit an application through the OMEA member website, (instructions online), no later than May 31, 2019. Your sound files, (mp3), must also be uploaded via the website. Selected ensembles may be asked to present a concert, serve as a clinic demonstration group and/or participate in a “Clinic- Concert” format.


  1. Complete the online performing group application through the member portal. Be sure to print the summary, obtain required signatures and mail hard copy to address indicated on the form.
  2. Create mp3 recordings of three selections of contrasting style (15-20 minutes total length). Please do not submit solos or concertos. Selected movements of an extended work are acceptable. NOTE: Your unedited audition recordings should be representative of a live performance. To maintain the integrity of the blind audition process, great care should be taken to make certain the group is not identified in any way during the recording (announcements, digital markers, etc.). Recordings that identify the ensemble will be disqualified.
  3. Please check your files before uploading. A file that does not play will result in rejection of the application.
  4. Upload the mp3 tracks via the portal. To ensure that tracks are listened to in preferred order and not alphabetically, identify the tracks by title and number, (“01 Chorale for Band”).
  5. You are STRONGLY encouraged to use the playback feature of the website that lets you hear EXACTLY what has been uploaded since the selection committee will use the same link to listen to your recordings.
  6. There is NOT a “final submit” button. You are able to edit your submission up until the registration deadline.

All directors must be members of NAfME on June 1, 2019 and maintain membership with NAfME through February 28, 2020. This requirement also applies to all members of faculty ensembles. The director(s) listed on the form must be the director(s) who will conduct the performance if the ensemble is accepted. You may call NAfME at 1-800-336-3768 to check your membership status. Ensembles that performed at the 2019 OMEA Conference in Cleveland are not eligible to perform at the 2020 Conference.

Upon acceptance, ensembles must pay a fee equal to the conference registration fee. This fee will include badges for a maximum of two directors, (does not include spouses, chaperones or helpers). If selected, the fee must be received prior to August 31 to confirm participation.

Performing ensembles should plan to provide their own percussion equipment. Vocal ensembles requiring sound reinforcement must provide their own microphones and sound systems as needed. All ensembles must use the existing performance room set-up and cannot add additional risers or platforms. Requests for performance times/days will not be accepted and no changes will be made once the schedule is determined. Combined ensembles (band & chorus, orchestra & chorus, etc.) will not be accepted in the audition process.

Attempts to contact members of the selection committee could result in disqualification of the ensemble. Questions about the audition process should be directed to Mark Hensler (pd_director@omea-ohio.org).

Online application, hard copy mailing and sound file upload must be submitted no later than May 31, 2019