Virtual PDC Contact Hour Certificate Program

IMPORTANT: You may earn either contact-hours OR graduate credit for the VPDC – but not both.

  • Are you planning to attend the 2020 Virtual PDC?
  • Are you in need of contact hours or verification of completion for your IPDP or reimbursement purposes?
  • Why not take advantage of OMEA’s Contact Hour Certificate program?

Here’s How It Works

  1. Register for the Virtual Professional Development Conference.
  2. View live or on-demand session through links in session description area.
  3. Click on guidebook “Contact Hour” menu item.
  4. Fill out google form and submit.


Update your Individual Professional Development Plan to include the OMEA IHCP and submit the plan to your LPDC for approval prior to attending the conference.

Still undecided? Consider the many benefits of attending the Virtual PDC:

  • View relevant presentations on the latest research/trends in music education
  • Further develop your online teaching tools and expertise
  • Explore the latest innovations in music technology
  • Refresh and enhance your teaching skills

See the PDC website, OMEA website, guidebook and social media for updates on presenters, topics, and special events.

Still not enough? In need of graduate credit? Look for the Ashland credit link on the PDC website or guidebook for more details or contact Mark Hensler at