2020 PDC Clinicians

The following is a list of the 2020 OMEA PDC Clinicians

**As of August 6, 2019
**Does not include TI:ME sessions

Jamey Aebersold – Playing Jazz Is Easy

Paul Baransy – I Have a Jazz Ensemble, but I’ve never Played Jazz Before with Directors’ Band

Jeff Barbee, George Palton – Improving Low Brass Methods Courses.

Alice Basinger, Carrie Harper – I Love It When A Plan Comes Together: Active lessons which yield higher retention rates

Lorelei Batislaong – The Elemental Ukulele: Purposeful Teaching Strategies

Lorelei Batislaong – Why Can’t We Be Friends? A Purposeful Ukulele Sequence Using Popular Music

Andy Beck – Meet Me in the Middle: Choral Music for Middle School Voices

Amy Beegle – Listening to Learn: World Music Pedagogy in the Elementary School

Scott Bley, Tim Butler – What to do when you have more to do than you have time to do it

Megan Boyd, Ellen Graham – Vocal Health for the Music Educator

Rene Boyer – Hook, Line, and Sinker:  The Power of Rhythm and Rhyme in the  Classroom

Rene Boyer – Sigamé Mis Amigos/Follow Me My Friends

Ruth Brittin – Creativity in our Teaching – Coloring Outside the Lines

Kristen Brown, Dustin Wiley – OMEA Music Booster Mini-Conference 2020

Glen Brumbach – A Practice-Based Approach to Jazz Improvisation and Performance for Scholastic Jazz Ensembles

William Burns – Happy Birthday Bird: Celebrating 100 years of Charlie Yardbird Parker!

Scott Burstein – Popular Music Education and Modern Band

Scott Burstein – Embracing the Change: Integrating Hip-Hop Into Arts Education

Marla Butke, David Frego – Improving Focus and Concentration Through Dalcroze Eurythmics

Dena Byers – Dena Byers GM Jumpstart

Chris Carmean – AE: Teaching Rudiments: New Requirements for S&E Soloists

Chris Carmean – AE: Percussion Adjudication Session

Ben Chamberlain – Unpacking the Process: A Discussion of Field Show Design

Zach Compston – Jazz Rhythm Section 101: A Teacher’s Toolkit

CSO Staff Conductor, Becky Spiewak – Conducting Master Class with Cincinnati Pops Conductor  and Cincinnati Youth Symphony Concert Orchestra

Paul Corbiere – Uke 102: Ukulele in the general music classroom.

Paul Corbiere – From BAGs to Riches: New Recorder Music for Elementary Music

Jennifer Culver – AP Music Theory: Tales and Tips from the Trenches

Jim Daughters – The March: An Overview of Interpretation and Performance Guide with members of the Fillmore Wind Band

N. Brett Dawson, Rachael Fleischaker – Where did my SLO go? How High Quality data will look in the music classroom for a revised OTES.

Sarah Deskins – Riding the Waves:A Brief History of Feminist Scholarship in Music Education

Valerie Diaz Leroy – Why We Dance: Celebrating Cultures through Movement in the General Music Classroom

Scott DiMauro – Politics and your classroom:What happens in Columbus DOES NOT stay in Columbus

Jay Dorfman, Rachael Fleischaker, William Kish, Joni Stoll – Model and Coach: How to Be a Great Cooperating Teacher for Student Teachers

Jason Dougherty – The Silent Choral Rehearsal

Matthew Downing, James Vaughn – Changing Mindsets on Changing Voices

Diane Downs – An Alternate Way to Teach Young Musicians featuring the Louisville Leopards

Matt Dudack – Steel Band Basics: Performance Techniques for Steel Band at All Levels

Apryl Ealy – OTES Update from ODE

Denise Eaton – Pillars of Choral Excellence

Rich Edwards – Choose Your Own Adventure! Adaptive Listening Rehearsal Strategies For Band

Kay Edwards – Native American Music for Grades 3-6

Kay Edwards – Native American Music for Grades K-2

Andrew Ellingsen – Solfege as a Literacy Tool in the Elementary Music Classroom

Andrew Ellingsen – Sequencing Folk Dances for the Elementary Music Classroom

Andrew Ellingsen – From Traditional to New: Using Folk Material as the Springboard for Student Creations

Andrew Ellingsen – Singing Games for Upper Elementary

Scott Eversdyke – AE: Vocal Adjudication Session

Frank Eychaner – CSI Choir: Identifying Musical Challenges and Prioritizing Solutions…How Master Teachers Rehearse.

Jason Falkofsky – More Than Just the Rating: Creating a Successful Adjudication Experience for Your Choral Ensemble

Jason Falkofsky – When You Know the Notes to Sing (and Play): Adapting and  Balancing the Musical Theatre Score

Andrew Feyes – Enhanced Instruction through Efficient Score Study – Developing a Practical Score Study Process

David Fishlock, Becky Spiewak – Instrumental Pedagogy: Percussion with CSO Principal Percussionist David Fishlock

Eva Floyd – Mix It Up with Modal Music: Explore and Enjoy the Modes!

Shaun Fontaine – Cross-curricular collaboration made easy.

Thomas Gamboa – Preparing the Mind and Body of a Conductor

Robert Gardner – Anything Doesn’t Go: Teaching Improvisation

Robert Gardner – Bottom’s Up

Robert Gardner – Swingin’ Strings

Robert Gardner – Musical Culture Bearers

James Gates, Maria Smith – Apply-Prepare-Interview-Hired! How To Excel In Interviews Through Preparation

Jeff Gershman – Keeping Them in the Seats: Secrets of Successful and Engaging Concert Programming

Robert Gillespie – The Real Goal—Playing Expressively: Teaching Musical Expressiveness in the School Orchestra

Dennis Giotta – Getting the Job and Thriving: Discussions with a High School Principal About Music Education

Kerry Glann – Tales from the Pit: Musical Directing and Conducting the High School Musical

Rachel Grimsby – First Steps in Music with Orff Schulwerk

Rachel Grimsby – Folk dancing tricks from K-6!

Rachel Grimsby – Prepare, Practice, Present: A Sound Before Sight Approach to Recorder

Rachel Grimsby – Universal Design for Learning in the Elementary Music Classroom

Lisa Gruenhagen, Abby Reeder – Reflective Practice in Elementary Music: Developing Musical Thinking and Creativity through Play

Lisa Gruenhagen, Anna Vogelgesang – Most Won’t Get it at Home: The Inclusion of World Musics in General Music Programs

William Guegold – AE: Woodwind Adjudication Session

Elizabeth Hainrihar, Dara Gillis – The Pitch Sitch: Addressing Intonation in the Choral Ensemble

Soo Han – Connecting The ‘Dots’ – modeling rehearsal skills that lead to more effective practice habits

Elizabeth Hankins – AE: Orchestra Affairs: Orchestra Adjudicated Events as a Teaching Tool.

Elizabeth Hankins – AE: String Adjudication Session

Linda Hartley – Not Your Mother’s Community Music Ensemble: Channeling Your Inner Creativity and Expertise with New Horizons Band

Audrey Hathaway – Japanese Drumming in Ohio? Yes You Can!

Scott Hayward, Kathryn Hayward – Finding the Heart of Your Character – A Coaching Process for Musical Theatre Singers

David Hedgecoth, Ashby Goldstein – Renaissance and Rejuvenation: Reflective Practice for the Experienced Music Educator

Jody Hepp, Scott Schmidt, Jennifer Ulery – Small Schools, Big Musicals

Therees Hibbard – Building Body Voices: Engaging the Whole Singer for Choral Performance

Therees Hibbard – Let the Body Sing! Integrating Body, Mind, Voice and Spirit in Choral Singing

Therees Hibbard – Finding the Feel: Creating Moving Musicians in Choral Rehearsals

Therees Hibbard – Developing Your Gesture Vocabulary: BodySinging for Conductors

Shawna Hinkle – Meeting the Standards in Middle School using Composers

Christopher Hoch – Making the Most of Your Limited Time: Top Ten Tips for Leading an Efficient Marching Band Rehearsal

Haley Holden – Social Skills in the Elementary General Music Classroom

Chrissy Hutzel, Linda Seamons – Vocal Play- a Critical Key to In Tune Singing: Books, Activities, & Stories you can use right away

Chrissy Hutzel, Linda Seamons – Fifty Manipulatives for the Elementary Music Classroom: Their importance and where to find or make them

Erica Jacobson – Disney’s The Lion King Choreography Training

Shelley Jagow – Ten Steps to Improve Your Saxophone & Clarinet Section Sound

Jim Javorsky – A-Z Learning Objectives for Today’s Music Teacher

Jim Javorsky – Student-Led Stations for the Music Classroom

Brandon Jones – Programming for the Mind and Soul: Choosing Quality Band Literature That Teaches and Inspires

Tim Katz (OAAE Rep) – Advocacy: Current Events Impacting Arts Education, and Your Role as an Educator

Tim Katz (OAAE Rep) – Arts Education Data Project – What it Means for Ohio’s Arts Educators

Lalene Kay, Maddy Silver-Riskin, Ron Stollar – Behind Bars–Music for Self-Expression and Self-Discovery in a Juvenile Detention Center

Lalene Kay – Special Learners Roundtable

Mala Kennard – Bag of Tricks to Teach Choral Concepts

Jody Kerchner, Stafford Merk – Connecting Research and Practice: Creativity in Choral Ensembles

David Kish – Practicing with Purpose: A teacher’s guide to motivating student practice

William Kish – Taking control of your residence: How to get the most out of your time as a Resident Educator.

Laura Kitchel, Joshua Borths, Lynda Hasseler, Chad Payton – Singing All Sides: A Holistic Approach to Choral Music Making.

Christopher Kiver – Overcoming Rehearsal Difficulties Through Movement

Bill Klein, Eric Bable – Don’t Be A Harold Hill: Producing a Musical as a Choir and Band Director

Karen Koger – Music Standard-Students Create Music-Let’s see how easy it can be–together (Interactive)

Jennifer Korecki, Jay White – I Just Want to Be a Star: Preparing Your High School Musical Theatre Students for College Musical Theatre Auditions

Martin Kral – The Reluctant Mentor: When did I become the person that people turn to for advice?

Stephanie Kramer – Expressive Movement & Special Needs Applications

Penny Kruse, Steven Kruse – Greatest Hits from the OMEA Chamber Music List: Choosing Repertoire and Coaching String Quartets

Mary Land – Teach Like Your Hair is On Fire!

Mary Land – When the Maestro Is NOT A Mister

Mary Land – What to Know Before You Go

Laurie Lashbrook – The Voice at its Best: Resources to Help Solo Singers Excel

JD Latorre – AE: Marching Band Affairs General Session

JD Latorre – AE: A Discussion on Our Strategic Vision for OMEA MB.

K. Lewis – Project-Based Learning: Creating Music That Impacts The World

Holly Lewis Pemberton – Sight-Singing Success: Teaching Music Literacy in the Choral Classroom

Kathy Liperote – Developing Music Literacy: Where to Begin

Alexander Looney – Controlling the Choral Chaos: streamlining the administrative aspects of the choral program

Debra Lyle – The Basics of Bornoff

Herbert Marshall, Lisa Heinrich – Connecting Research and Practice: Creativity in General Music

Herbert Marshall – Let’s Start at the Very Beginning: PreK and K Foundations for Music and Movement Learning

Lisa Martin – Tips for Traveling Teachers: Managing Multiple Schools

Wendy K. Matthews, Elizabeth Hankins, BethAnn Hepburn – Connecting Research and Practice: Creativity in Instrumental Ensembles.

Robert McClure – OMEA Young Composers Initiative Composition Competition

Terri McCoy – How Do They Do That? A round table.

Colleen McNickle, Jessica McKiernan – Vernacular Music in the Choral Classroom

Patricia Meeks, Meg Beavers – No, she’s not my daughter! Mentorship for the young, experienced, and everyone in between

Emily Meyerson – Teaching Students to Be Musicians Using Studio Habits of Mind: Reinvigorating Your Music Room

James Miglia – Jazz Saxophone 101: A Toolbox for Teachers of Young Jazz Saxophonists

Alyssa Miller – How To Secure Grants and Fellowships for Music Education

Doug O’Neal – OCDA Elementary Reading Session

Doug O’Neal – OCDA Jr. High/Middle School Reading Session

Doug O’Neal – OCDA High School/University Reading Session

Bruce Pearson – Inspire Excellence in Your Young Band: Achieve the Most in Every Lesson!

Brad Pierson – Instruments Can Sing Too!

Chad Pittman – Super Scary Assessments… that Students Absolutely LOVE

David Pope, Julia Ellis, Ed Zunic, Gretchen Zunic – Surviving Your First Few Years in the Music Classroom: What I Wish My Professors Would Have Told Me

David Pope, Kalee Bondzio, Andrew Machamer – How to Improve Student Recruitment and Retention in School Band, Chorus, and Orchestra Programs

Christopher Redd, Rachael Fleischaker – OTES: Does Your Rating Really Reflect Your Teaching?

Double Reed, Becky Spiewak – Instrumental Pedagogy: Double Reeds with CSO Members (Tentative)

Thomas Resnick – You want to me to teach what?  Helpful solutions for teaching students with disabilities.

Craig Resta – Pragmatic and Purposeful Research: The Ohio Journal Contributions to Music Education from 1972-2020

Brian Rivers – Every Music Educator Can Be a Great Guitar Teacher – tools for developing successful guitar classes

Jennifer Rozsa – Straighten Up and Fly Right:Jazz Movement in the K-8 classroom

Jennifer Rozsa – Lesson Planning and Curriculum Organization the 21st Century Way

Heather Russell – A Classroom Management Toolbox for Success with Classroom Instruments

Christine Russell – Teaching for independence: Connecting sight and sound for musical accuracy and literacy

Nathan Santos – Covering the BASSics: Beginning Tips for Playing Jazz Bass

Ann Schertzer, Jacob Hartman, Ethan Yuji Jones – Choir and Band:  Why Can’t We Be Friends?  Yes, we are singing AND playing today.

Lori Schwartz Reichl, Shiney Ann John – Stronger Together: Get Administration on Your Side

Robert Sheldon – Preparing Your Ensemble For Expressive Performance

Robert Sheldon – Fix It Now! Developing Ensemble Skills for More Effective Rehearsals and Successful Performances

Robert Sheldon – The Small-School Band

Patrick Sheridan, Richard Canter, Josh VanGorder – Beginning Band Basics: Daily Workouts & Techniques Designed to Energize and Motivate Your Students!

Patrick Sheridan – The Breathing Gym in Rehearsal with Jr. Cincinnati Youth Wind Ensemble

Patrick Sheridan – I Think I’m Terrible, What Now??

Elizabeth Singer, Brad Hruska, Amanda McMurtrie, Jeff Miller – Standards Based Grading in the Music Classroom

Jarred Small – Take a (Field) Trip! Funding Opportunities for the Active Music Educator

Stephanie Smith – AE: Brass Adjudication Session

Thai Sribanditmongkol – AE: Creative Events: Composition for All Ages

Brian Stevens, Scott Jones – AE: Band Affairs: The Teaching Power of the March with Kings HS Band

Missy Strong – Developing Independent Musical Thinkers in Elementary School

Missy Strong – The Brain and Music: What it Means in your Music Room

Frank Ticheli – Ticheli on Composing with the Fillmore Wind Band

Frank Ticheli – Making Music Matter: A Composer’s Effort to Connect with Musicians From the Very Beginning with Mason MS Band

Frank Ticheli – To Be or Not to Be: A Composer’s Thoughts On Embodying the Music From the Podium

Alyssa Titi, Rachel Cline – I Have to Teach…What? A Guide to Conquering your First Year

Christopher Tubbs – Copyright: What Can I Really Do?

David Vandewalker – Booster Institute: Rally the Troops

David Vandewalker – Booster Institute: Roll It Out

David Vandewalker – Foundations for Wind Band Clarity: Exploring Practical Ideas for Developing a Superior Ensemble Sound

David Vandewalker – Developing a Quality Curriculum Through Music Literature

Cristina Wade, Holly Walton – The Power of ‘YET’: Growth Mindset in the K-12 Music Classroom

Shelbie Wahl-Fouts – Feisty, Fierce, & Fast: Energetic and Engaging Repertoire for Women’s/Treble Choirs

Melinda Wallace – Music Education and Social Emotional Learning: Working Hand in Hand for a Better Outcome

Jay Wardeska – AE: For Teachers and Future Teachers New to OMEA Adjudicated Events.

Kristina Weimer, Kevin Lynch – Creating Individualized Professional Development Opportunities

Kristina Weimer – Developing Performance Skills Through Improvisation/Creativity Games in Secondary Instrument Courses

Jay White, Jennifer Korecki, Herbert Marshall, Christopher Venesile – Building Your Musical Theatre Program: Facing the Challenges of Mounting Musicals

Jay White – Belt or Mix? A Hands-On Tutorial to Healthy Music Theatre Singing

Laura Wiedenfeld – Purposeful Assessments for the Elementary Music Educator

Sarin Williams, Christopher Venesile – Vocal Jazz Rehearsal Techniques with GlenOak Notables

Jeanne Wohlgamuth, Ken Holdt – AE: Vocal Affairs: Infusing Solo and Ensemble Adjudicated Events Into Your Curricular Program.

Lara Wolford – Taking the Stage By Storm – Starting a Middle School Musical Program from Scratch

Mark Wood – The 21st Century Classroom – Developing Creative Musicians for the Future

Jeremy Woolstenhulme – Back to Basics: Steps to Establishing Solid Rhythm, Intonation & Tone from the Beginning!

Paul Young – The Job Interview: How Aspiring Music Teachers Can Gain an Edge

Paul Young – Why Music Teachers Make Great Principals: How to Plan Your Next Career Step

John Rine Zabanal, Cathy Miller – May I see your hall pass? Sociological issues new and young teachers face in the classroom

John Rine Zabanal, Christopher Lape – In tune or out of tune? Teaching tuning independence of open strings to beginning string players with Fairfield MS Orchestra

Julia Zanella, Mary Robinson – Connect the Dots: From Early Childhood to Kindergarten and Beyond

David Zerull – Teaching the art of music for meaningful student assessment

Thomas Zugger – Brass Pedagogy 101: from fittings to fabulous