OFME 2019 50/50 Raffle Acknowledgement

The Ohio Foundation for Music Education extends a note of thanks and appreciation to everyone who participated in the 2019 50/50 Raffle at the 2019 OMEA State Conference. While it would be wonderful if everyone could win, the reality is everyone has won for beyond the prize winner, the benefits of every dollar have been applied to scholarships and the operation of the All-State HS Ensembles in accord with the Foundation’s mission.

The 2019 raffle winner received a cash prize of $1,100.00. The identity of the winner is not promoted/announced per OMEA/OFME policy. The OFME benefited the same with all proceeds applied as noted above.

On behalf of the OFME Board of Directors, thank you to those who participated in this raffle, and be advised that ‘winning’ is automatic for everyone with benefits extending to students, members, and music education in Ohio. We hope more members will participate in this raffle next time!

Also remember: Tax-exempt donations can be made anytime via the OFME website: http://www.ohiofoundationformusiceducation.org in the donor section!

Recognitions/Memorials are encouraged with every donation.

Thank you,

OFME Board of Directors


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